As the name suggests Inshorts started off as a News in short. It feeds news from across the globe on one platform. What’s unique which led this company to touch new heights of success? The answer is inshorts offers its readers to read the news in just 60 words which is crisp and quick. Isn’t it Interesting? There are different categories like business news,national,sports, technology, fashion and what not are displayed on the app.It is a content discovery platform provided for both Android and iOS users.

So the idea behind Inshorts is, like any other FB pages company started off with the intention of sharing information about the latest news. On the other hand it’s not an easy task to grab the attention of readers by just doing basic things. So the masterminds behind this interesting app came up with the idea of presenting news in just 60 words and you know what they banged on!


Inshorts was founded in 2013 by Azhar Iqubal, Deepit Purkayastha and Anunay Arunav with the aim of keeping people informed by delivering news in easy and consumable format. In 2 years of its inception, it has over 200 users and is the highest-rated news app on Google Play Store with 51-200 employees.

In an interview Azhar Iqubal said,

It was very easy to set up. Unlike other startups, where it takes a month to get off the ground we were up and running in 3 days flat. We got this idea in our last semester at IIT Delhi and we succeeded in providing our fans with snappy 60 words update happening around them.”

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The news was initially available only in English but recently they have launched in Hindi based on its success the app will soon be launching in regional languages as well.The observation which gave them the idea to build the app was not many people love to read news, so they thought why not describe the news in just a heading form i.e.  a snippet of 60 words. The news features an image as a square size poster on the mobile screen. If the reader wants then he/she can click on that poster and read the entire article.

As soon as this idea came to the founders of Inshorts Azhar along with his mates started a FB page and in little span of time they got fabulous responses to tune in 1,00,000 fans. Within a few months they launched the app which  fetched more than 10,000 downloads.

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Within a year these young entrepreneur was awarded the title of Best Innovation App by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). By the end of 2015, the E-commerce investor such as Flipkart invested $ 4 million and Tiger Global  $ 20 million. The most fascinating thing about Inshorts is they generate about 150 stories a day which are selected and edited by professional in house editors who make sure that only relevant facts which are free from opinions are passed onto readers. The is a simple yet attractive user interface where you just need to scroll and you get to read latest news on it.

Popular apps like TikTok are also in short form content because short contents are sharply rising for news and informational content,” says Iqubal.

Inshorts debuts AI based summarization on its app. The news summarization runs a Rapid 60 algorithm that can automatically summarize a full length news article to 60 words news brief along with a headline and a card image.Currently the ratio of company between ads and sponsored content is 50:50. Company is now targeting a run rate of 600 crore.

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