“There is no love sincere than the love of food,” and when it comes to ordering food we are very choosy. It’s been observed most people order food which is known to them and generally doesn’t take a risk of making the order to the one which they never tried. Maybe because they don’t know what the dish actually looks like or may think on ordering it the dish should not be disgusting which may spoil their mood.True!! we may absolutely think in that particular manner.

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To solve this problem former NDTV employees Monica Narula,Gunjan Mehrish and Noopur Tiwari , trio started  dash.menu where customers can order food with the  help of short videos.Interesting!! What’s better than experiencing your meal before you place your order rather than peeping into the menu card.

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The startup will be providing a tab to the customers where they are free to watch 15 seconds videos gives an insight into the dishes available(vegetarian/non-

vegetarian).There is a wide range of varieties of dishes available at restaurant under a certain budget.

Uniqueness plays a very important role in building a startup and Dash.menu is the app where they are replacing the traditional paper menus by fideos( food videos) and showcasing food exactly the way it is available at the restaurant.

What they offer?

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With huge discounts offered by food- discovery and online food delivery startup, a huge gap is created between restaurants and diners. Giving a discourse to this pain point,

Dash is a combination of discover-eat-learn which will catch your attention, and not only make your mouth watery on seeing delicious food  but also be a great element of entertainment, education, and experience to the dinner,” says Monica

The founders says Dash also provides social media contents to restaurants. Since dash  is first in this space it requires a backbone to close dish fast and efficiently, getting hold of decision makers is always a challenge for them.

By explaining their idea of dash.menu Monica says, “We sample almost everything before buying, so why not food?” They made customers experience their dish before they place an order.

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The startup promises Your Menu ,Your Way!!

Restaurants have changed why not your menu? One needs to simply choose their theme,add  dishes and they’ll take care of the rest.

Dash is a team of 16 members who are responsible of technology,content and sales.

Know how restaurateur benefited through the app dash.menu

Some of the dash popular clients are Marriott, Le Meridien,ITC hotels, Taj hotels. The ones who are currently using the app to grow their business are Gajalee,Pluck,American and Mexican.The team is mainly focusing Delhi first and then Mumbai to convert food business as Delhi has most exciting landscape to be covered in terms of variety.

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Talking about his experience with Dash Monish Rohra,Chef and Owner of Veranda which is a popular restaurant in Mumbai says, “We are so proud to go visual with dash.menu that we have even put a huge screen at our bar to showcase the videos,apart from the app itself.It has not only lend a helping hand for us to showcase the endeavour we made in designing our modern Indian menu but has also increased  our APC tremendously.”

Dash is a B2B and B2C business works like any point of sale system.

Future plans

The team is planning to scale and make dash available in India and globally. The product is expected to launch in Pune and Bangalore by the end of this year. The startup is looking forward to getting funding for upcoming technologies such as blockchains and AI. They are mainly focusing to make people aware of right choices while consuming food.

Overall a spectacular thinking behind this startup made it touch new heights of success.

Nothing can be more blissful than eating good food.

“To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art….”