Sending someone a text or a message must be easy nowadays but bringing a clinch of cute smile on the receivers face is not that easy task. Letters are the most delightful way where one can just pop out their heart and express it in a best possible way. No matter the person you are expressing is your mother,father,friend or better-half its just how you make that person feel special in your life.

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Have you ever heard of sending a message on potatoes? This startup Known as TheViralPotato  just started 30 days back and has helped many of their satisfied customers to earn the hearts of their loved ones.Their tagline itself says the most unexpected gift in the mail. The founders of Viral potato are also love birds i.e. duo of Husband and Wife Mr.Nav Singh and Mrs. Simran Singh. Nav is an Engineering graduate in Information Technology and has gained 9 years of experience in Client Servicing,Delivering Go-to-Market & retailing to some of the large FMCG companies whereas Simran has done Master of Computer Application and is a passionate programmer. They both quitted there high paying job in Hong Kong  to sell Viral Potatoes and shifted to India.

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How they got this unique idea ?

Nav recalls, “ It was 10 pm in office when I went to the pantry to get a cup of coffee. Then I saw a potato with a phone number on it- weird, but probably one of those times when you can’t find a paper and note the number down on anything you grab.” At that moment Nav thought of, What if people could send messages to other people ON A POTATO.

They just started a website on 10th January 2019 that enables you to send customized messages to anyone in India.In 5 days of their launch they got astonishing response from customers and sold over 100 potatoes with a unit margin of 80%.

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Observing great responses they started extending services on birthdays, marriage anniversaries,engagement parties,proposals, thank you messages and many such. They also started to launch a fun range of potato t-shirts this Valentine where one can get the same one for your friends too. The potato gift is wrapped in a carton box where the messages are written on the potato and decorated in an impressive way. The company promises to deliver the parcel in 5-6 days.

The question that striked to  customer’s mind was “Its a fact that potatoes would rotten after some days then how will we keep it as one of our memories ?”

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Fortunately the founders were having a solution to this problem. TheViralPotato team  delivers special types of potato called as pahadhi potatoes to ensure the vegetables they source lasts for 4 to 6 weeks.Once they reach their natural state of decay the team sends replacement magnets and products as placeholders for the messages.

The is a website where one can buy the potato boxes for as low as Rs 99( plus shipping).There are different packages for different occasions which ranges till Rs 299.

“The company is completing 10-30 orders a day now,” says Mr Nav when asked by LS Talk .

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In these many days the startup also got sponsorship offers to set up a stall from colleges such as Delhi Technological University (DTU) and Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC).

It’s very hard to realize your own mistakes, but when you realize it, don’t feel guilty to accept it as success and failures are entirely your own responsibility. Same way the founders are aware of the fact that  potatoes are wasted and they are taking several potatoes away from food chain.So to atone their fault they decided to give 100 kgs of potatoes to charity on 19th February 2019.

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Nav says, “We would continue to pledge 1 POTATO to charity for every POTATO BOX we sell via our website.We are not just a fun gifting company we are MORE… and while we want to spend laughter via our super fun gifts, we would also want to balance the social scale by helping the ones in need….”

This is definitely a great initiative by the team and the idea behind is also the unique one. So “Create your own visual style..let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

Next time when you are confused in choosing a gift , for your someone special Potato message is not a bad option!!!