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When it comes to education its the key priority for teachers to ensure that students are engaged, motivated and challenged throughout their school career. What’s better than this for the education system if students are excited to learn new lessons rather than just thinking of how to run away from boring lectures. This is now made possible through Virtual Reality. To the ones who are unaware  Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment.A person using virtual reality equipment is able to “look around” the artificial world,move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. Now, Virtual Reality in edutainment system has been made possible by one of the most renowned entrepreneur Mr Abhishek Gupta who is a Gamer ,[VR-XR/ AI] ,Full Stack Learner,CEO and Cofounder of Grey Kernel. Abhishek is running a Virtual Reality company which is working on education field i.e.he is building education a tech platform.

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It’s difficult to talk about something if you’ve never seen it with your own eyes. Grey Kernel is a platform where one could foster  their imagination through VR and AR. What a privilege to be able to see a 3D virtual world to the girl who just loves dinosaurs or to a space boy who wants to visit mars. Isn’t it interesting?

Grey Kernel is one of  India’s first Virtual Reality and Advance visualization tech startup. They mainly focus on domains such as education,retail, real estate, marketing agency and entertainment, across platforms like Android,iOs,Web. Abhishek Gupta and his partner Mr. Pranshul Chandhok were very fond of gaming and used to actively play day and night whenever they used to get time.In the panel discussion on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at IIM Bangalore Abhishek Gupta says, “ At the time we were gaming, we used to think what if there’s a possibility for a moment we can get into a game and gain live experience,” and at that instance two young minds got an idea to start Grey Kernel. Grey Kernel until started is constantly touching new heights of success.

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Their flagship product “IRA VR” is one of the most successful Virtual Reality from India on Play Store. It has received an outstanding response within a few weeks of the launch. Their flagship  product IRA VR is the only platform globally serving on demand 360 videos and VR games under one single app. The founder Abhishek Gupta is among the entrepreneur’s who are under 35 and have 7 years of experience in technology management.

How students will be benefited through VR

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By giving an example Abhishek explains,

“ For a student like me who comes from Hindi medium school and faces issue with photographic memory or contextual information like if a student is new to the concept of Newton’s law of motion and if he is  presented with virtual reality headset then as soon as he wears it ,he founds himself immersed in a town where Isaac Newton is right in front of him. This is totally possible through AI or Machine learning which is providing a lot of contextual information to what the topic is all about .”

How It Works:

  • Designing of a storyboard is done because things are far different in Virtual Reality than a simple YouTube video.
  • Try to figure out it in a 360 degree perspective.
  • Find out what elements should be seen by the user as soon as he/she enters Virtual Reality world.
  • After designing storyboard 3D modeling happens.
  • Then programming and interactive systems are build.
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Not only in edutainment field, team of Grey Kennel is also focusing on the Real estate visualization like Home buyers now don’t have to look at the plan of building on paper,they can walk into the project and stand inside the room itself without moving any brick.

Greykernel has worked with some  leading global brands from variety of sectors .They have accomplished numerous end to end successful assignments when it comes to Augmented reality ,Virtual reality,Mixed reality and machine learning. The team also developed proprietary SDK’s to solve distribution of such content.

We met many teachers and trainers and represented some of the demos we have done. ‘Wow’ is the compliment we always hear back from them. We also did content trials with more than 200 students and youths,” says Abhishek Gupta.

Grey Kernel has won the most promising VR/AR startup award at Indywood Film Carnival 2017!

So, if you’ve played Pokemon Go when that was a thing or used Snapchat lens face filters then you’ve already used primitive forms of augmented reality. VR is not the thing of the future. It is already here…