When it comes to bring new startup ideas into life ,most of the founders aren’t able to convert their creative ideas into reality.The main reason behind this is, lack of  basic understanding of valuable business.

To overcome this issue JioGenNext launches a Basecamp. Basecamp will be a platform where founders will be instructed by  practitioners on how to build a startup which will give a quality product or service that checks all limits of ASSURED framework.

What exactly is ASSURED framework?

The letters itself stands for

  • Affordability: Is your startup capable enough to offer solutions to customers at affordable price?
  • Scalability: Is your business model designed to serve millions of customers?
  • Sustainability:Have you build your mindset to focus on building a profitable and long lasting business?
  • Universality: Will it serve a global customer base or only Indian Customers?
  • Rapid:Do you have any idea of how to execute perfectly and at a great speed?
  • Excellence:Are you focusing on quality product or just jury rigging i.e. making Jugaad?
  • Distinctiveness:Are you confident what you are offering is unique?

Application link:

They are focusing on April 19 batch and registrations are open for the same. Basecamp is a  mentoring programme for pre-seed-stage startups.The application form is for the teams who want to build the Finetech startup. The startup needs to have a team of two or more founders with a combination of sales and technology. Since this is a space that needs basic understanding of market, regulatory dynamics and the current state of technology, Basecamp is encouraging founders with some domain expertise in Financial services to apply for this programme.

The programme will be conducted for duration of 4 weeks and founders will get the opportunity to gain hands on experience with specialist in developing their first fundable business plan based on ASSURED framework. Specialists include successful  entrepreneurs, leading experts and accomplished industry executives. The workshops include one-to-many sessions with 1:1 office hours with leading practitioners.

The commencement of programme will be on 22nd April 2019 along with a demo day which will be held in the last week of May 2019. The Demo day will be attended by early stage investors and leading corporates.

So if you also have a spark of dream to build your own  startup/business, Basecamp will definitely be the right programme for you.

“Because opportunities does not waste time with those who are unprepared.So be prepared for a better Tomorrow……”

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