It is one of the London based startup that is using AI to help factories optimise production lines. Their aim is to increase production and reduce maintenance cost.

Flexciton analysed the problem of setting costly production lines but still to get optimal production line is a complex mathematical problem that’s why they build an AI based solution which will analyse your factory working structure and after sometime will give you best and optimal solution as per your business need. This solution really helpful in all kind of business, we all know in every production line companies are spending more than millions but now when they can find the optimal solution, they can save their money and can work on product quality more effectively. In many ways AI is changing today’s world but Flexciton solves the most basic and important problem and their aim to solve the hardest problem of a production to provide ease in business for everyone.

This is basic kind of model on which they are working.

You can go through there website and know more about their product and services.

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