Drone technology is constantly touching new heights. The new innovation and big investments are bringing more advanced drones in the market. A drone is an aircraft without a human pilot. An Unmanned aerial vehicle( UAV) commonly known as drone is handled by a ground- based controller, and a system of communication between the two.

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Mr. Vasant Bhat founder of Bengaluru startup Trithi Robotics, uses his family’s farm as a testing ground to deploy drones, it not just monitor the crops but also sprays pesticides, fungicides when required.

His company is one of the many companies that are hiring drone pilots, making their skills flying UAVs. “Drones reduce chemical usage as it only spray where required and covers 12-13 acres a day, which is not possible manually.” says  Mr.Bhat.To the ones who are fond of flying drones, now it’s not just a hobby but can take off as a career. What’s better than this, for a person if his hobby becomes a source of income for him.According to one estimate, there are at least 40,000 drones in the country and many of them are privately owned.The starting salary ranges from 30,000- 40,000 a month while experienced freelancer can make up to 5 lakh a month.

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Drones are used everywhere whether it would be from shooting ads and photographing weddings to mapping railway tracks, capturing live cricket match and for military and police surveillance.

After having 4 years   of experience, Oauchitya Vashisht who has flown drones for Marathi films, TV films, tourism ads and industrial survey says “Everyday as a drone pilot brings new experiences to me. It’s a never-ending creative field which let’s you travel, meet new people and pays well.”

How difficult is it to become a drone pilot?

It’s not about how difficult it is,but it’s about how passionate you are in learning it.Different applications require different level of expertise. If you are willing, can pick up the skills easily.

As a boy Vashisht after pursuing his degree in Aeronautical Engineering chose to become a drone pilot. He says, “ Due to change in environment you also need to apply your mind and should also keep an eye on obstacles in between.”

As the craze of new technology and career option is increasing in the youths, the training schools have been built across India.

John Livingstone, a former Navy officer and a trained drone pilot runs Indian Institute Of Drones in 5 locations. It is basically a 7 day course where students are trained, how to assemble and fly the drone.

The company signed agreement with India to train 1.5lakh students  in drone flying.

So, you never know your hobby can also become your career. Ask yourself a question “ What’s your hobby?”  Nevertheless, go on the path to chase your dreams…