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Experience your next McDonald’s order with a combination of Burger,French Fries and some Artificial Intelligence

The most popular fast food giant McDonald’s is acquiring Dynamic Yield, which is an Israeli company that uses AI to customize experiences. According to McDonald’s, Artificial Intelligence will prove to be a helping hand to sell more fast food to customers. McDonald’s says it would use Dynamic Yield technology to alter the menu options which …

Tech Startups Young Founders

Ritesh Aggarwal, OyoRooms

At 21 years of age, Ritesh Aggarwal is India’s youngest millionaire entrepreneur, having created budget hotel startup OyoRooms. Ritesh was born to a business family in Orissa and attended the Sacred Heart School in Raygada, Orissa. During the growing up days in Raygada, it was all about fun and learning for him. But Ritesh’s ways …