The well-known Electronics and Software Development company i.e. Apple recently apologised to all iPhone and iPad users for the major security issue which affected the Group FaceTime calls. The 14-year-old boy named Grant Thompson who was the first one to recognize this bug was surprised and said in an interview that

“ I coincidentally found the bug but why couldn’t the employees who get paid to find such glitches.”

For those unaware, the Group FaceTime security bugs allowed users to listen others conversation even before the call was received. Imagine you are not aware the other person who is calling you, can listen all your conversations even if you don’t want to pick the call at that time . Such a major security issue !!

Here the Bug allowed the caller to activate the other person’s microphone even before the person has accepted the call.

According to CNBC, in an official statement Apple said “ We thank Thompson family for reporting the bug. We sincerely apologise to all our customers who were affected and were concerned about security issue.”

Apple had prohibited the Group FaceTime calls for all users after this massive bug was discovered. The company has assured their users that soon, they will be solving this issue. Their engineers team is fixing the bugs and the Group FaceTime will be resumed as soon as possible.

The company’s system page shows that Group FaceTime feature is unavailable. Hence, the customers are also unable to add other iPhone users to make a Group FaceTime call.

Apart from all this, The FaceTime breach is a serious issue for all those who have put their trust on Apple and its product.

On that note I remembered a famous saying “There’s no excuse for Computer misuse.” So Think before you click!!!!

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